Before we start


The studio door opens 30 minutes before class begins.

Please remove your shoes and leave them on the rack in the foyer.

Turn off all electronics before you start.

Get yourself hydrated during the day. Drink a lot of water before you attend the class!

No more food – at least 2h before the class.

Arrive 10-15 minutes earlier (the first time 20 minutes). We start on time. Late comers won't be admitted!

Observe good general hygiene, come to class with clean feet and body. No perfume, cologne or heavily-scented body lotion in class. Save it for later when you're done!

Valuables can be deposited in the back of the yoga room. The entrance door is closed during the class. Leave all other things in the wardrobe. Take as little as possible in the yoga room!

Any question or inquiry should be asked before/after not the during class.

If you have any physical discomfort or circumstances, please notify the teacher beforehand.


During the class

Maintain silence in the yoga room. No conversations.

No shoes/flip-flops or socks. We train bare feet.

No food, other drinks – except pure water, chewing gums or glass in the class. No drink until the teacher notifies you for the water break.

No wrist watches and jewelry.

Every lesson takes 90 minutes. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE ROOM! In case of emergency, leave and come into the room only between the poses.

Use Toilets before class.

Concentrate at only yourself and look into the mirror.

The ones in the front row are models/examples.

Practice silently between exercises. Do not move unnecessarily.

Respect the teacher and others in the room. Keep quiet and don't disturb the class.


   After class

  Silence - Savasana and meditation

  Leave the room quietly Respect others. Close the door inaudibly!

  Leave the rented mats on the floor in the yoga room.

  Place rented towels, empty plastic bottles and trash in the bins provided in the lobby.

  Please keep your shower time to a minimum - others need to use it as well! Save beautyituals until you get home.

  Remember to take all belongings with you! We are not liable for any item that you leave in the hanging rooms.

  In general, the studio closes 30 Minutes after the end of the class.

  Turn on cell phones after you leave the studio. No phone calls inside the studio.

  Enjoy the peace and energy that you are taking with you from class, and make the commitment to return tomorrow!